SafeVchat WhitePaper


In our last whitepaper, we examined some of the catalysts that have led to the massive uptick in demand for video conferencing platforms.  The primary reasons are the COVID19 pandemic and the 99% remote workforce explosion.  Because of this, today’s cyber attacker has homed in on targeting Zoom, WebEx, Skype, Microsoft Teams, etc.

Although these companies provide updates and patches to these exposed vulnerabilities, it is simply not enough. 

What’s needed is a robust video conferencing platform that not only addresses cyber threats but also the need to apply those upgrades and patches for each new variant.

The research team at StrikeForce Technologies Inc. has designed such a solution, known as SafeVchat.


SafeVchat Features

1Utilizing a multi-tiered approach:

In the world of cyber security, we often hear the buzzwords, "2FA" and "MFA". This means businesses should use two or even three protection layers to authenticate accessing shared resources. The StrikeForce team quickly realized that even this is not enough.  The chances that a perpetrator could break through these lines of defense is still significantly high.  With SafeVchat™, there are five distinct layers currently available.  If required, even more layers can be added, depending upon the privacy levels required.  The current offerings are:

Ø  OTMP (one-time-meeting passcode), which is auto created by the platform

Ø  Each meeting participant must present at least two irrefutable pieces of evidence to join

Ø  Participants must be pre-registered for the conference through a secure channel – they cannot simply enter the meeting in progress

Ø  Participants’ device endpoints are also protected from Malware

Ø  Both the meeting audio and video are fully encrypted.  This means the cyber attacker will be unable to access due to the information being converted to code.


 Robust Suite of Authentication Tools:

There are numerous tools in which a meeting participant can authenticate themselves. Examples include:

Ø  Out-of-band call to user’s mobile device

Ø  Mobile app tokens

Ø  Various push notifications

Ø  Email OTMP (one-time-meeting passcode)

Ø  Biometrics – a unique physiological or behavioral trait which is captured to confirm the individual's identity, i.e., fingerprint or facial recognition


3      Additional levels of Endpoint Security:

As previously mentioned, not only are the device endpoints protected but the following security measures as well:

Ø  Passwords used and chats (happening both in real-time) are archived and fully encrypted

Ø  Features that are available in PrivacyLok can also be deployed as follows:

*Anti-keystroke logging (preventing undetected keyloggers from capturing keystroke credentials, corporate and customer data, which meets or exceeds compliance requirements for 2FA)

*Anti-screen capture (eliminating the risk of unauthorized screenshots)

*Anti-camera protection (only preauthorized applications can be seen and accessed)

*Anti-clipboard protection (preventing clipboard data from being copied and stolen by malware)

*Anti-microphone & speakers protection (preventing a cyber attacker from listening to or interrupting a conversation, and allowing only authorized meeting participants to use the microphone)


Entirely web-based:

Probably one of the most important features of the SafeVchat.  This simply means that your participants do not require a dedicated device on hand. They can use any available device.  Once connected, all security features described thus far will become instantaneously available.  This is a win-win for the road warrior, allowing their mobile phones to become the primary vehicle for communications.


Another SafeVchat feature which outpaces the other video conferencing platforms, is real-time audit reports and analytics that can be easily accessed by meeting administrators. With this functionality admins can:

Ø  Get a birds-eye view of the past, present or future meetings

Ø  Obtain access to logs, which show all granular details of the meetings, including the following:

*Creators and participants

*Authentication methods that have been used to confirm the identity of all meeting attendees

*Time each authorized participant logged into the exited the meeting

*Failed login attempts meetings that were terminated for no reason

*Various filters and queries based upon other permutations that have been established


5 On-Premise Installation:

SafeVchat is a 100% cloud application however a hybrid on-premise installation is also available for organizations who prefer to manage the entire platform from their own data center or virtual private network.     




SafeVchat is highly affordable for all-sized businesses, offering a three-tiered pricing option:

  • Ø  SafeVchat Standard version:  $12.95 per month, per user
  • Ø  SafeVchat Premium version:  $15.95 per month, per user (includes PrivacyLok)
  • Ø  SafeVchat On-premise version:  Pricing based on your configuration

If you would like a free demo of the SafeVchat or have any other questions, please contact us at