Since the pandemic hit, employees, educators, and students have worked remotely. Therefore, to stay connected and ensure everything is going on, organizations are using Microsoft teams. The Microsoft team makes conference calls more accessible and ensures continuity in productivity. But what are Microsoft Teams, and how do you set up a conference call in Microsoft teams with your colleagues and clients?

What are Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft teams offer everything needed to recreate remote modern offices that help drive productive collaboration in a single platform. This platform allows chat functions with document sharing, online meetings, joint calendars, and video conferencing. In addition, it provides a shared workspace that allows large dispersed teams to work together efficiently. This ensures there are uninterrupted, seamless workflows and processes.

  1. To start, ensure you have installed Microsoft Teams and signed in with your Microsoft account.

  2. In Microsoft Teams, click on the calendar.

  3. Click on 'New Meeting' on the top right of your window

  4. Fill out the meeting details

Choose the type of meeting, for example, Sales and marketing weekly meeting.

  • Type the attendees that belong to your organization or invite external attendees

  • Pick date and time

  • Choose a channel, but this is optional

  • Type-specific meeting details( optional).

  • Double-check if you have the correct and required information and click send.

Note: The attendees will get a unique conference ID in their mail. Choices given in the conference bridge are to call in via phone or join online.

How does Microsoft Teams Work?

Microsoft Teams can be deployed in several ways. It's part of the Office 365 platform and is incredibly user-friendly, and it's easy to set up. There are two approaches to deploying Microsoft Teams in organizations. 

The free-for-all approach allows everyone in the company access with zero limitations on usage. In addition, it allows adoption and processes to develop naturally across companies.

A more controlled approach- It's particular about how, where Microsoft Teams is used, and for what? Its rollout is phased across the company.

Learning how to use it is easy, especially for anyone familiar with the rest of the Office 365 family. In addition, Microsoft offers a comprehensive set of training manuals, guides, and videos to help you. One advantage of Microsoft Teams is its integration with the rest of the O365 suite. If the organization uses O365, then each part of its business is aligned and in sync. It allows setting up a team with uninterrupted access to shared documents and services without the need for reconfiguration.