Since the covid 19 pandemic started, organizations have normalized virtual teams. It has been made easy by cloud-based video conferencing. It allows anyone to set up a video conferencing room in about ten minutes. The question here is, do you know how to go about it and what do you need to set up? Here are the components that you need to make it possible.

Connected TV (Multiple displays)

Conferencing rooms come in different sizes. They can be small, medium to large rooms. When setting up, it's essential to match the size of the screen to the room size. In most cases, using 4k displays and dual displays gives you a dedicated presentation space. Something to keep in mind is when the room is big; then the display should match that space.

Video conferencing system

The system has a HD camera and a full video processing codec. The system transmits and obtains encrypted video information and decodes it as live video on your meeting room display. There are different kinds of systems, but the all-in-one is the best. It's made for meeting rooms and designed for capturing and transmitting flawless video live.

Conference phone

The best phone to use is a touch screen conference phone. It has a dedicated user interface to guide you to your directory, regulating the camera pan/tilt/zoom, and launching calls. Conference phones and call microphones are made with echo and noise cancellation, automatic gain control, and automatic external noise reduction. These features give the conference audience crystal clear audio.

How to set up a video conferencing system

  • Connect the video system to your room displays

  • Pair video system to your life size account

  • Make your first conference call and enjoy face-to-face communication.

Tips to keep in mind before your next Video Conference

Be prepared for the meeting

Going into a meeting without context clues as a presenter is the worst thing you can ever do. Always make a meeting agenda early and send it to the attendees. It helps with productivity and efficiency and gives people time to prepare questions and contributions.

Use visuals to improve participant interest

Visuals make video conferencing exciting and fresh. You can share live applications like PowerPoint presentations, charts, graphs, videos for real-time teamwork.

Be Yourself

Video conferencing is just like texting or talking on the phone. So when you are in front of that camera, don't fret; just be yourself.

Video conferencing has become popular and has made holding meetings easy. So, before your next meeting, ensure you have all you need and are well prepared.