Video conferencing is vital in business and knowing how to set it up is a skill you can’t ignore. It doesn't have to be complex, and you don’t have to be a tech genius either. All you need is to install a video conferencing app of your choice and have it in sync with your webcam and earphones. Ensure your internet connection is fast. Here is how to set up fruitful and professional video conferencing.

What you’ll need

Setting up cloud-based conferencing is easy even for beginners. You’ll require the following:

Connected TV

The TV is for multiple displays, and the size of your conference room determines the size of the display. Invest in a big display to avoid overcrowding. If you have a dedicated presentation space, ensure the display can accommodate it. Generally, the bigger the room, the larger the display should be.

Video Conferencing System

The system should include a high-definition camera with a full video processing codec. The system is responsible for encrypting video data and delivering it as a live video on your display.

Conference phone

This should be a touch screen phone which provides a user interface to help you navigate the directory. Also, you use it to control the camera and make calls. In addition, you’ll need a conference call microphone that works with the phone to ensure the voice is crystal clear. This is achieved through echo cancellation, automatic gain control, and noise reduction.

How to Set Up

  1. Connect the conferencing video system to the display/TV

  2. Pair the video with the conferencing app

  3. Make a call and share your screen with the participants.

Tricks and Tips

  1. Place your camera in a place with good lighting. It’s better to use a movable camera.

  2. Ensure the lighting in the room is perfect by having more natural light for high-quality and professional video output.

  3. Enhance your background to avoid distracting other viewers. You can use blurring effects or virtual backgrounds.

  4. Ensure everything is working, wires are well connected, the internet connection is reliable, and there’s backup power.

Video conferencing is the in-thing in the world of business today. Wherever you're communicating from, being able to hold a video conference is important. Learn as much as you can about conferencing requirements and equipment to make an informed decision. Whether your meeting room is large or small, the equipment you require is the same. Also, the setup will only differ in size. Enhance the video quality by having a dedicated conference area and enjoy your virtual space.