Video conferencing needs good lighting to enhance your appearance. After daylight hours are over and you still need to handle some presentations, especially if you work online, you need to have good lighting which is softer to your eyes. The blue light that your computer emits in addition to the LED or fluorescent lighting in the room can cause damage to your retina. Here are some of the best lighting you can use for your video conferencing.

Lume Cube Broadcast Lighting Kit

This special video lighting has a white diffuser, making it softer and flexible to enhance your professional appearance. It also has in-built frosted lenses, it is light, and you can easily extend and retract it for easy portability and adjustability.

You can also control the lighting from 1% to 100% to perfectly custom light your setup. To mount this light, you can use the suction computer mount or just set it up on the desk. It also has a mood-altering color temperature which you can adjust from warm to cool to complement your skin tone.

Pixel Diffuser Light

Pixel diffuser light has a brightness range of 0% to 100%, which gives you room to adjust the light depending on your needs. Its color temperature also ranges from 2500k to 8500k, which gives you the perfect way to enhance your skin tone. The light has a diffuser that protects your eyes from the harsh light.

Its type-C connection makes it easy to charge it anywhere; the best part is that you can even use the light while charging. Any type of laptop, computer, tablet, or tripod is compatible with this light, and it has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Nexium Diffuser Light

Nexium Diffuse Light is the perfect conference lighting you use for your evening video meetings and presentations. It has three light modes ranging from 2700k to 6600k and ten brightness levels. It uses patent technology, an optical lens that helps protect your eye from the blue light of the computer.

Its strong magnetic clip makes it easy to install, saving you the hustle of suction cups. The clip is quite small yet stable with a silicone pad to protect your computer from crushing. The light also has a USB type C charging system and a built-in battery that can last you up to 14 hours of continuous work without the need to charge it.

Video conferencing needs good lighting, especially if you are working late hours or your natural lighting is not perfect. On the list discussed above, Lume Cube Video Conferencing Lighting Kit seems to be the best among them all. It is quite inexpensive and illuminates your face during video meetings.