Mobile Solutions


A Clever App for Your Smart Device

Don't miss a thing when you're away from your office and stay connected with total independence from your desktop.
SmartMeetâ„¢ is the cornerstone of on-the-go Reservationless Audio meetings. Discover a full-circle approach to meeting from your iPhone and Android smartphone. Not only start and join meetings, but enjoy a richer conferencing experience by sending meetings invites and accessing your enabled features. Enhance your meetings with this powerful functionality.

Our favorite features:

  • Connect to your meetings and save mobile minutes using VoIP instead of Call Me or Dial-In.
  • Access your complete list of designated local and international dial-in numbers.
  • Use the cutting-edge view of your meeting and participants with Active Talker indicator.
  • Invite participants via SMS, email or Call Now within your meeting.
  • Integrate with SIRI on iPhones.