Virtual Environments

Virtual Events

Extend Your Content to a Global Audience.


Our Virtual Events are an award-winning platform that provides a better way to create stimulating, measurable, and secure Virtual Event Experiences. Extend your reach, grow your audience, and build an online community through custom environments tailored to your business objectives.

With two event experiences to choose from, flexible branding and personalization options, and environments scalable up to 100,000 + visitors, Virtual Events are cost effective and customizable. The robust analytics and reporting portal integrates with your marketing tech stack and provides you with real-time metrics and insightful information about your audience.

Product Packages

Virtual Events are offered in two packages, to best fit your needs.The Virtual Events Essentials package delivers a series of live, simulive, or on demand presentations organized by tracks or categories. Our immersive Virtual Events Expert package emulates a physical conference with event spaces, sponsorship opportunities, programmed sessions, and engagement tools.

Virtual Events Essentials

Virtual Events Expert

Package Features

Product Features Essentials Expert
Standard Registration
Event Themes
Event Spaces (1 of Each) Theater, Resource Center, Help & Profile Only All
Sponsor Spaces
Email Communications (Registration Confirmation, Reminders, Post Event)
Messaging (Announcements & Marquees)
Games (1 Trivia & 1 Puzzle)
Badging (Achievement (up to 10), Identification, Credential)
Promotions (Display Ads, Giveaways) Display Ads Only
Social Media (Content Sharing/Social Login)
Event Features (Chat, Presentation Tracks, Search Surveys)
Mobile Access
Standard Metrics (Data Portal)


Just like a physical event or conference, spaces allow you to create the best user experiences for your audience. With many options to choose from, you can personalize your environment with the spaces that meet your event goals. Use spaces to greet users in the Lobby, deliver presentations in the Theater, and include an Exhibit Hall for your sponsors.

  • Lobby
  • Auditorium/Theater
  • Resource Center
  • Sponsor Space
  • Exhibit Hall
  • User Profile
  • Help Desk
  • Networking Lounge
  • Activity Badge Center
  • Games
  • Meeting Room
  • Prize Center
  • Feedback Surveys
  • See Who’s Here


Intrado Studio

High Quality, Interactive Streaming - Simplified


Studio’s solutions offer dynamic ways to deliver messages to your customers, prospects, employees and partners. Leverage Studio to extend your reach, drive engagement and maximize ROI. The revolutionized HTML5 technology provides secure streaming, animated content and responsive interaction without the hassle of plug-ins and updates. Intrado Studio is a powerful tool that can scale from audio presentations to multi-presenter video conferencing presentations.

Product Packages

Studio is offered in two different packages to best accommodate the level of your streaming needs. Studio Essentials delivers flash-free, audio and/or video presentations for internal or external audiences. Studio Expert encompasses all the features of Studio Essentials and goes beyond to create professional, TV-style video programs using multiple sources.

Studio Essentials

Live, simulive, or on-demand audio and video HTML5 webcasting presentations, including engagement tools.

Studio Expert

+ Advanced broadcasting video capabilities including picture-in-picture, video conferencing, social streaming and more.

Package Features

Product Features Essentials Expert
HTML5 Streaming
Delivery: live
Delivery: simulive
Delivery: on demand
Delivery: attendee dial-in (viewers can listen to webcast via phone)
Mobile webcast delivery
Second screen
Video resolution Up to 360p Up to 720p
1080p streaming option
Adaptive bitrate streaming
Social streaming/RTMP output
OTT streaming
Stream targeting
MP4 media export
Source: phone audio
Source: webcam
Source: video encoder
Source: video conference unit
Source: fiber or satellite feed
Single source display (switch between presenters)
Multi-source display (“Brady Bunch” mode)
Graphics compositing/lower thirds
Slides: PowerPoint with animation
Slides: pre-recorded video
Slides: polling questions
Slides: screen sharing
Picture-in-picture slides and video
Widget: speaker bio
Widget: abstract
Widget: chapters/agenda
Widget: handouts
Widget: Q&A
Widget: chat
Widget: Twitter
Widget: Yammer
Widget: custom HTML or iframe
Testing and CPE
Exit actions
Webcast branding Client Logo Fully Customizable
Webcast layouts Template Library Fully Customizable
Emails (registration confirmation, reminder messages, etc.) Fully Customizable Fully Customizable
Admin: rehearsal mode
Admin: editing Trimming, Cue Points Advanced Editor
Admin: QoE dashboard
Closed captioning (live)
Closed captioning (on demand)
Registration pages Template Library Fully Customizable
Marketing automation and CRM integration (Marketo, Eloqua, Saleforce)
Robust reporting (data portal)
Access to platform APIs


The custom HTML panel gives the webcast host maximum flexibility to incorporate familiar functionality into their webcasts, increasing audience engagement. The HTML embed code allows web-based applications (such as Digg, Reddit, Pinterest, etc.) to become a part of the webcast experience. In addition to being able to pull in web-based applications, these panels allow for stylized branding and personalization via custom HTML/CSS.

  • Media Player
  • Slides
  • Chapters
  • Group Chat
  • Q&A
  • Handouts
  • Abstract
  • Speaker Bio(s)
  • Images
  • Links
  • Yammer
  • Text/HTML
  • Survey
  • Test
  • Course Tracker
  • Blog Posts
  • Message Board
  • Email Speaker(s)
  • Invite a Friend
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Share
  • Restore

Event Services

Full Service Implementation Plan

Best Practices

  • To produce a virtual event, please allow enough time for planning, registration, messaging, configuration and event promotion.
  • Events with more content will take longer to build.
  • Live video is part of content gathering and is the business owner’s responsibility.

Event Services & Support Delivery Details

Event Services Package Details:
Project Management:
Serves as main point of communication with customer
Creates project plan and manages the project from kickoff to post-event debrief
Schedules and leads weekly team meetings
Manages strategy and implementation for webcast/event
Creates reporting dashboard based on customers’ goals and objectives
Ensures all IT, legal, and creative considerations are reviewed by stakeholders
Event Configuration:
Brands and designs the virtual experience
Turns the user experience journey into reality
Uploads content and images into the virtual experience
Conducts testing on event
Supports sponsors
Support Package Details:
Front Line Support:
Technical support provided during an event/webcast’s live hours
Intrado DM staff is logged in to digital environment, staffing the help desk in order to answer any questions and to provide technical troubleshooting
Webcast Package Details:
Live or Simulive Webcast Services:
Technical set up and coordination with on site staff for each webcast
Best practices documentation
Session information upload (Title, description, etc.)
Reminder email creation/scheduling
Session content upload (PPT, handouts, polling etc.)
Webcast recording (if simulive)
Speaker training (1)
Live webcast engineering (pre-call 30 minutes prior to webcast plus up to 70-minute webcast)