Web Event Services

Industry experts to ensure smooth execution and maximum results

Make your next event with audio, streaming media and online presentations, easier to execute, allowing you to better connect with your target audience.

Increased Success

Web Event Services offer a host of flexible solutions designed to meet your online event needs. Regardless of size, topic, type or complexity of your event, our team can take care of the details and enable you to focus on extending the reach and effectiveness of your message.

Industry Experts

The Event Services group consists of skilled professionals who handle all aspects of your event needs, from consultation and scheduling to training and support.

Focus on engaging your attendees—and learn best practices along the way. Dedicated event experts serve as your main point of contact for all deliverables and coordinate every aspect of your event—before, during and after—including training, rehearsals, live event moderation and report delivery.

Customized Experience

Whether you are conducting a roundtable discussion, preparing a six-week global product launch or planning a web seminar lead generation program, Event Services offer several options designed to address your specific needs and experience level.
 Prior to the event, our team works to understand your event goals and provides in-depth training, taking the worry out of the planning and preparation process.

On the live-day, your event specialist offers essential behind-the-scenes support, ensuring that both your presenters and audience have a seamless and professional conferencing experience. And when it’s over, you’ll be able to analyze what worked well and leverage that knowledge for future events. You’ll also continue to receive the assistance you need to get the highest return on your event investment.

What it means for you:
  • Get your very own event expert
  • Peace of mind - because your event must go well
  • No worries if you are short on resources
  • Focus on your message and not the details
  • You and your team look like web event experts