Hoot Meetings

Connect Your Business Community Simple and Secure

Better Video Meetings Across Any Device

Hoot is the future of business meetings. Hoot Meetings One Click Video is our next generation, video-first online meeting tool that provides a fully integrated, seamless and easy-to-use user experience. Hoot Meetings is a client-free experience that makes it easier than ever to host and join secure video meetings.


Enable quick adoption with user-centric design that makes it easy to connect and collaborate across any device.


Built with the insights from over 20 years as the global meetings leader which provides superior reliability.


Hoot Meetings syncs with Outlook and Google calendar systems. Meet with browser and mobile app options.


Intrinsically secure application enables hosts and admins to ensure private, disruption-free meetings.

Built for Modern Teams

Teams are using video-first meeting tools to drive more engagement and productivity than ever before – and that’s unlikely to change. Hoot brings together the critical elements to provide a superior user experience:

  • One button to push to start and join meetings through mobile or desktop. Stop dialing!
  • See who you are meeting with through HD video which alleviates video fatigue with its high quality
  • Drive productivity and show them what you are talking about with one click screen share
  • Calendaring and scheduling ease or start a meeting on the fly


In a remote work environment, mobility support is critical. Hoot Meetings puts the mobile experience front and center with with iOS and Android™ compatible apps plus browser-based meeting access providing flexibility and control. Simplified scheduling from mobile devices makes adjustments on-the-fly simple and convenient.

Meeting Security

The only people who should be in your meetings are the ones you invited. The content you share and collaborate on should be equally secure. That’s why Hoot was designed from the ground up to provide business-class security. Consumer-oriented meeting tools are no substitute for hardened systems. Hoot Meetings takes the demanding requirements of world-class enterprise customers and applies them for every user at every kind of organization.

  • Simple option to lock a room to require attendees to be admitted by host. No unexpected or unknown participants disrupting your meeting.
  • Content shared during a meeting is not saved after the meeting ends unless meeting is recorded by the host.
  • Meet hosts are in total control as they must permit others in meeting to share content. No on screen surprises!
  • Ability to schedule each meeting with a unique meeting URL and Conference Code eliminating unwanted guests joining with old meeting codes.

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SpeakSpace as Your Valued Partner

SpeakSpace has a proven track record as a reliable and trusted advisor backed by over 20 years of UCaaS experience – that’s a lot of meetings under our belt. As the workplace has changed and customer needs have changed, we continue to learn and remain focused on

Our Clients

SpeakSpace leverages partnerships with our proprietary Intrado options, allowing our clients to access the right combination of solutions for their specific needs

Our Expertise

Intrado holds the highest technology partner ratings and has successfully managed industry-leading global deployments in highly complex, high-demand environments.

Our Service

Our services are architected and supported to provide the highest levels of performance with the backing of the industry’s most experienced and credentialed team.

Hoot Meetings - Subscription Plans

Our subscription-based packages offer a predictable monthly expense so you can better manage your IT spend and reduce any upfront costs. Unlike other solutions, Hoot Meetings includes domestic and global nuber sets as standard - so you can connect teams around the world at no extra cost!

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