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Konftel 55Wx

Konftel 55Wx


Konftel 55Wx
Konftel 55Wx
Konftel 55Wx
Konftel 55Wx
Konftel 55Wx
Konftel 55Wx
Konftel 55Wx

Integration with UC clients

Bluetooth with HD

USB for PC-based collaboration

Meeting size: up to 20 people


Recording on memory card

  • The Konftel 55Wx is a compact, high-performance speaker phone with patented OmniSound® audio technology. It delivers crystal-clear HD audio in a wide range of meeting scenarios, including wireless. The Konftel 55Wx is the all-in-one solution. So you can do things your way, fuss-free.

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  • Model: Konftel 55Wx

Connects to your UC app

The Konftel 55Wx is fully compatible with the market's leading UC applications. The speakerphone connects directly to Skype for Business, Cisco Jabber or Avaya Communicator on your computer. The app's call functions are controlled from the touchscreen. If you prefer a different conferencing tool, the Konftel 55Wx is still a high-quality USB audio device.

Grows with the task

The Konftel 55Wx is the perfect addition to the small huddle rooms that are so crucial to the growing culture of teamwork within and between organizations. But it's just as good on a desk and with expansion microphones, you can have large conference calls with up to 20 people in the room.


Meeting size: up to 20 people


Bluetooth with HD

Connection to desk phone (adapter)

Connection to cell phone (cable)

NFC for easy pairing

Headset connection 3.5 mm

Expandable with additional microphones

OmniSound ®with HD audio | Battery

Integration with UC clients | Stream music in HD (A2DP)

Color touchscreen | Combine different connections

Recording on memory card | Free software updates


“A USB port makes the Konftel 55Wx ready for all the apps and services we use to communicate and collaborate via computers - such as Microsoft Teams, Skype, Cisco WebEx, Zoom, Google hangouts, Avaya IX Workplace, Hoot Meetings, and SafeVchat.”



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