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Konftel CAM10

Konftel Cam10
Konftel CAM10
Konftel CAM10
Konftel CAM10
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Konftel CAM10
Konftel CAM10
Konftel CAM10
Konftel CAM10

Business Webcam

1080p Full HD

Dual Microphones

4x Digital zoom

Built-in Privacy Shutter

  • The Konftel Cam10 is a business class webcam for desktop users who demand professional quality personal video meetings. Create an enhanced visual and audio experience with a wide 90 degree viewing angle, HD video output, dual microphones and easy set-up. The portable Konftel Cam10 is your perfect home and traditional office companion, or for wherever you are working.

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  • Model: Konftel CAM10

Impress With Clarity

Be seen as your natural self in high definition 1080p video. The Konftel Cam10 features innovative noise reduction technology, low light capabilities and swift autofocus. A generous and natural looking field of view also helps capture content, such as from a whiteboard, in striking clarity.

Natural Viewing

The Konftel Cam10 is ideal for users with single or multiple external displays. Placed in an optimal position on top of the main screen, it promotes a natural lifelike viewing experience. It enables you to make eye contact instead of just showing your head profile, improving the quality of the interaction.

The Konftel Cam10 uses a standard damping bracket for easy and stable installation, whilst there’s the option of tripod mounting for alternative camera placements.



1080p Full HD | 90° field of view

4x digital zoom | Autofocus

Digital picture noise suppression | Dual microphones

Audio noise suppression | USB 2.0


“A USB port makes the Konftel CAM10 ready for all the apps and services we use to communicate and collaborate via computers - such as Microsoft Teams, Skype, Cisco WebEx, Zoom, Google hangouts, Avaya IX Workplace, Hoot Meetings, and SafeVchat.”



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