Cisco WebEx Meeting Center

Cisco WebEx Features

Meet, collaborate, and share in a whole new way with WebEx Meeting Center. It's easy to prepare because everything you need is in one place. Share anything on your computer and generate ideas fast. Next steps are crystal clear. That's WebEx Meetings.

Come Prepared

Your meeting invite links everyone to WebEx Meeting Spaces, where you've posted your agenda and all the files your group will need. Everything's in one place. Ideas take shape before the meeting even starts, as you review, comment, and chat. When the meeting begins, everyone's ready.

Get Together

Once you're all in the meeting, share easily and work together effectively. Show others anything on your computer – files, apps, your whole desktop. Then pass the ball to someone else who'd like to share. Work on a file together or brainstorm on the whiteboard. And record every ah-ha! for posterity.

Up Close and HD Personal

Watch your colleague's face light up. Observe your client's reaction to each comp. In a WebEx video conference, you can choose full screen with high-definition video, or see up to seven people at a time. The current speaker is always highlighted dynamically, so you'll know who's doing the talking.

WebEx Mobile Goes with You!

On the move? No problem! WebEx Mobile for iPhone, iPad and Android allows you to host or attend a meeting wherever you are. If you've got internet access, you’ve got WebEx. And the app is free!

Keep it Going

The meeting ends but your project doesn't. Assign next steps and follow up in the WebEx Meeting Space. Use chat to stay in touch and discuss further. Share new files and comment, review recordings and notes. You'll see updates on your Home page. Your secure Meeting Space will be there for all of you as long as you need it.