Unified Meeting 5


Multiple Levels of Security

Unified Meeting 5 provides industry-leading levels of access security, network security and content security.

  • Can be customized for each meeting, pass codes set by the moderator
  • Use 128-bit SSL encryption for your online meetings
  • See all connections to the meeting in the Unified Meeting interface
  • Option to require participants to pre-register for meetings
Powerful Meeting Controls

Make the most of your meeting time by utilizing a variety of powerful meeting controls.

  • Share applications right from your desktop
  • Create surveys and quizzes and conduct polls
  • Launch desktop video at any time during your meeting

Unified Meeting lets you control the phone portion of the meeting using the web—without the hassle of extensive telephone keypad commands.

  • Mute and unmute any or all participants
  • View who is speaking in conference via the “active speaker” icon
  • View the voice status of participants via the online meeting interface
  • Utilize Desktop VoIP to connect to the audio portion of the meeting via your computer
Participant Functionality

Give participants seamless entry to your meetings.

  • No plug-ins or downloads needed for participants to join

Participants can join meetings via numerous browsers and operating systems including: IE 6.0 + (Windows), Firefox 2.0 + (Windows/Mac/Linux), Safari 2.0 + (Mac).