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DELL Latitude 5330 Laptop

DELL Latitude 5330 Laptop
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DELL Latitude 5330 Laptop

DELL LATITUDE 5330 I5 12-1235U 13.3 8GB 256GB

Get the DELL Latitude 5330 Laptop and enjoy unparalleled connectivity and performance. This DELL laptop comes with the world's first simultaneous multi-network connection, you can be on two networks at once, ensuring faster data and video downloads. Benefit from up to 20% more data transfer, 30% faster application data processing, and 8 times better video quality, thanks to optimized networking and internet bandwidth. Stay connected wherever you work with the option of 4G LTE, while Wi-Fi 6E offers faster and smoother Wi-Fi, especially in high-density areas.

Experience long battery life with ExpressCharge technology, allowing you to charge up to 80% within just 60 minutes. Safeguard your privacy with onlooker detection, which alerts you when someone is peering at your screen, and Look Away Detect, which dims your screen when your focus is elsewhere. Dells SafeShutter provides additional privacy control. Look your best on video calls with improved FHD IR camera options and Temporal Noise Reduction, ensuring excellent image quality in any lighting condition.

This DELL laptop also features a camera-based proximity sensor that wakes your system when you approach and locks it when you walk away. Enjoy enhanced audio and voice quality with artificial intelligence, which adjusts for different environments, and Neural Noise Cancellation that eliminates unwanted background noise, including the noise from other call participants. Upgrade your productivity and connectivity with the LATITUDE 5330 I5 12-1235U 13.3 8GB 256GB laptop.

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