Dive deep into the MicLIVE 6-channel AI Audio Mixer, a game-changer for podcasters. Explore its standout features, versatility, and why it's the top choice for pristine audio quality in our comprehensive review. In the world of podcasting, having the right equipment can make or break the quality of your production. That's why today, we're diving deep into one of the most promising audio mixers on the market — the MicLIVE 6-channel AI Audio Mixer. Whether you're an established podcaster or just starting out, this might just be the upgrade you've been searching for.

Features and Capabilities

Diverse Input Options:

MicLIVE boasts a range of input options that stand out in the crowd:

  • XLR-3-31 Interfaces: These dual interfaces ensure optimal microphone connections for high-quality sound recording.
  • Standard TRS Jack: A versatile choice, perfect for diverse audio source inputs.
  • 1/8” 4-pole TRRS Phone Female: This is especially beneficial for those who enjoy the clarity of direct line-ins.
  • USB TYPE-C Input: Digital lovers will appreciate this feature, making direct digital input simpler and more efficient.

Outstanding Output Excellence:

MicLIVE shines when it comes to output:

  • Balanced Sound Delivery: Achieved seamlessly through a 1/8” 4-pole TRRS phone female.
  • USB TYPE-C Connection: This ensures an uninterrupted and smooth audio output, making post-production edits a breeze.
  • Dual 1/8" TRS Ports: These are specially designed for those who rely on precise, uninterrupted headphone monitoring.

Sound Quality That Stands Out:

The ATEN MicLIVE Mixer offers a premium 24-bit/96kHz sampling rate. This ensures that every detail, from the low hums to the high pitches, gets captured. The frequency response, spanning from 20Hz to 20kHz, guarantees no detail is overlooked.

Microphone Compatibility:

With a +48VDC phantom power, MicLIVE extends its arms to a broad range of microphones, ensuring podcasters don’t need to limit their choices.

Digital Precision:

The impressive ADC and DAC dynamic range of 92dB and 95dB respectively is testimony to the mixer's commitment to pristine sound quality.

Device Compatibility:

No matter the platform you're using — be it PC, Mac, or iPad — the mixer promises a hassle-free connection. Moreover, it is attuned to the latest technological innovations, working seamlessly with Intel, AMD, and even the cutting-edge Apple M1 chips.

Software Integration:

Windows and Mac users get the additional advantage of the OnAir-Audio Software, a tool designed to enhance the overall audio mixing experience.


For a device packed with so many features, its compact design is truly commendable. The dimensions of 13.05 x 18.09 x 6.27 cm and weight of a mere 0.42 kg ensure that this device can be your companion wherever you go.

Final Thoughts

The MicLIVE 6-channel AI Audio Mixer is more than just an audio mixer. It's a promise of quality, versatility, and precision. With its range of features and commitment to excellence, it offers podcasters, musicians, and audio engineers an unparalleled mixing experience.

Whether you're looking to upgrade your existing setup or starting fresh, the MicLIVE 6-channel AI Audio Mixer is worth serious consideration. It not only promises to elevate your audio game but to streamline your podcasting process as well. Happy podcasting!

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