The digital age has redefined the way we work. From remote call centers to hybrid work environments and from bustling city hubs to tranquil home offices, our workspaces are as diverse as our roles. The Poly Edge E350 IP Phone is the answer to the modern work paradigm, echoing the essence of flexibility while promising unmatched voice clarity.

Bridging the Remote Work Divide

A significant portion of the world's workforce now operates from remote locales, creating the need for tools tailored for such environments. With the E350, be it a hard-to-cable location or a serene home office, connectivity remains uninterrupted.

A Display That Narrates Stories

The 3.5-inch color IPS display, accompanied by 8-line keys, ensures that users have all essential data at their fingertips. With support for up to 32 lines or contacts, no message goes unanswered.

Sound Innovations for an Evolving Workspace

Noise is a constant, but with the E350 IP Phone, it doesn't have to be an obstacle. The NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence technologies work in tandem, ensuring that every word spoken is pure, clear, and devoid of external interferences.

Freedom to Roam, Power to Connect

Bluetooth 5.0 integration turns the concept of 'being tied to the desk' on its head. Roam freely, engage in discussions, move to your comfort zone, all while being connected. Answering cell phone calls from your desk becomes a breeze, and with select Poly headsets offering quick pairing, convenience gets a new definition.

Inclusivity at Its Core

Beyond the crystal-clear calls, the E350 offers Text-to-Speech capabilities and new accessibility options, ensuring that everyone, irrespective of their needs, can communicate effectively.

Setup So Simple, It's Revolutionary

With the promise of Poly Lens support and QR code-linked tutorials, the E350 sets a benchmark in user-friendly setups. The Wi-Fi configuration is straightforward, promising optimal performance regardless of location.

The Poly Edge E350 IP Phone embodies the spirit of modern workspaces — flexible, inclusive, and efficient. As workplaces evolve, ensure that your communication tools evolve with them. Choose E350, where every word resonates with clarity and purpose.

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