In today's fast-paced corporate world, communication is more than just talking; it's about making an impression, sealing deals, and maintaining fluid business operations. What if we told you there's an innovation ready to elevate that very experience? Allow us to introduce you to the Poly Edge B20 2-Line IP Phone.

Seamless Integration with Your Corporate Aesthetic

Your office space is a reflection of your brand, and every element within it should amplify that image. The Poly Edge B20 isn't just a phone; it's a statement piece. Its sleek design seamlessly integrates with modern office interiors, reinforcing your brand's commitment to sophistication and cutting-edge technology.

Clarity for Crucial Conversations

Every business call holds significance. From speaking with potential clients to internal team meetings, the professional-grade sound quality of the Poly Edge B20 ensures that every word lands with clarity. Eliminate misunderstandings and ensure that your business moves at the pace you set.

Designed Keeping the Busy Professional in Mind

Time is a premium commodity in business. With illuminated keys placed for intuitive use and plug-and-play provisioning, the Poly Edge B20 ensures minimal setup time and maximum productivity. It's more than a phone; it's a tool optimized for the modern-day professional.

Flexible Connectivity for Dynamic Workspaces

Whether you're designing an open workspace or individual cabins, the Poly Edge B20 offers mounting flexibility. And with both RJ9 and 3.5 mm headset connectors, your team has varied connectivity options to suit their working style.

Eco-Conscious Choice for Sustainable Businesses

In the era of corporate social responsibility, your choices reflect your brand's values. With its ENERGY STAR certification, the Poly Edge B20 isn't just a sound business decision—it's also a nod to your commitment to sustainability.

Compatibility and Growth

Adaptable with 2 line keys and 2 x 10 / 100 Mbps ethernet, this phone is primed to grow as your business does. But before you make the leap, ensure your switch/router is PoE-compatible. While the Poly Edge B20 assumes PoE capability, note that the wall power supply is an additional purchase.

Join the elite league of businesses that prioritize communication excellence. The Poly Edge B20 isn’t merely an IP Phone—it’s a promise of unmatched quality and professionalism. Elevate your business communication standards. The future is calling, ensure you answer with the best.

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