Modern businesses require tools that are not only efficient but also adaptable. Gone are the days of being tethered to a desk or a specific location just to ensure seamless communication. The Poly VVX D230 DECT Cordless IP Phone Kit epitomizes this new era, encapsulating the freedom of movement with the robustness of a traditional desk phone.

The Many Faces of the Poly VVX D230

Business Features On-the-Go:
The Polycom VVX D230 brings the quintessential desk phone experience to the palm of your hand. It's not just a cordless phone—it's your office on the move.

Crystal Clear Conversations:
Thanks to its advanced HD Voice with wideband sound, every call is pristine, ensuring that your communication is not only heard but felt. This is business communication in high definition.

Open SIP Users, Rejoice:
Specifically tailored for small to medium-sized businesses, the VVX D230 IP Phone provides a seamless experience for Open SIP users.

Lines? More than You Can Imagine:
Say goodbye to limitations. With the ability to manage multiple lines and support up to 8 simultaneous calls, it empowers users like never before.

Range like Never Before:
Roam with confidence, be it within the office or outside. An indoor range of up to 165ft and an impressive outdoor range of up to 980ft ensures you're always connected.

Kit Components: Every Detail Matters

  • VVX D230 Wireless Handset: Your tool for impeccable communication.
  • VVX D230 Base Station: The heart of the system.
  • Network Cable: Ensuring rapid connectivity.
  • Handy Belt Clip: For those always on the move.
  • Headset Adapter: Adapting to both 2.5mm and 3.5mm.
  • Battery Pack: Powering your conversations.
  • Quick Start Guide: To kickstart your journey.
  • Power Adapter: For uninterrupted performance.

Experience Unmatched Communication Excellence

In an era where every detail matters, the Poly VVX D230 DECT Cordless IP Phone Kit stands out, not just as a product but as a statement of intent. It is the embodiment of a vision where the barriers of distance and mobility vanish, replaced by a world of opportunity and connectivity.

Whether you're an executive handling crucial business deals, an employee collaborating with your team, or a business owner looking for a communication solution that transcends the ordinary, the VVX D230 is your answer.

Embrace the future. Embrace the Poly VVX D230.

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